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The pictorial diary by miotwo in Japan, using digital camera "Nikon Coolpix 4200".



Otsu is my hometown I love. I have some reasons why I love this city. First, Otsu is one of the famous cities which have strong fascination of history because it is old port city and has too many shines and temples. Second, it is convenient to live in Otsu because Otsu is near to urban area. For example, it takes less than ten minutes to move from Otsu to 'Kyoto', one of the very big cities in Japan, by train. Third, in Otsu, it is cool in summer and it is warm in winter because Otsu has a natural air conditioner, Lake Biwa. However, these reasons are very general opinions. Therefore, final reason is my original opinion. Otsu has a lot of place which gives us a feeling of seasonal variation. Especially 'Nagisa Park', the park of the shore of the Lake Biwa is one of the best places to do so. When we are in this park, we are surrounded by the clear sky, the cool breeze, the green forests in the chains of Hiei Mountains, the waves in Lake Biwa, the swimming birds and many other natural things. Otsu is the oasis in the city life. In short, Otsu is my favorite city.


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