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The pictorial diary by miotwo in Japan, using digital camera "Nikon Coolpix 4200".


Human Life Evolution By Television

Television has been the important part in our lives. Moreover, television has many effects, which changes our life. Especially, television teaches us a lot of thing and makes new communications in family and friends.

We can learn a lot of things from the television. I have three examples. First, children have learned various things through the television. According to Interviews with Americans, engineer George Russell said, "My kids have learned so much from watching educational programs such as Wild Animal Kingdom and the National Geographic specials." Second, television helps the learner especially in language part. Recent immigrant Jacques Camembert said, "Television is helping me and my family learn English more quickly. We are learning the way Americans really talk." Finally, we can know another world which we can't have known actually. Grocery store manager Harry Wang said, "You can learn about foreign cultures, wild animals, and all sorts of things from the comfort of your living room."

Because of these information from the TV, we have many times to discuss about a lot of problem. Some people believe that television is destroying the family life like Jessica Wang, a housewife. She said, "Some families even eat dinner in front of the TV screen. There's little communication between husband and wife." However, we must have the various questions, opinions and ideas that we have to discuss about because we unconsciously compare the incident in TV with their own experience. In addition, we talk to family or friends in order to exchange our opinions and ideas among them. For example, he or she may want to exchange his or her opinions about raising tax, the National Pension Fund, the juvenile delinquency and so on. Therefore, the television has not destroyed communications but produced new communications among family and friends.

In short, television has made our lives richer. Television has given not only a lot of information but also a lot of subject of talking to their family and friends.


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