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About the Mercy Killing

As all people die, all people have the original idea of death. Mercy killing is a very individual problem. The most important factor of good life is not only in the length of life but also in the quality of life. Therefore, the patients who have no possibilities of their recovering and wait only their death give their families, lovers, and friends only pain and sorrow. Assisted suicide should be accepted if there is patient’s or family’s will.

First, banning euthanasia by legislation is false and irrelevant because the definitions of death are different among all people. Some people believe that life is given by god and too holy to end by committing suicide and others believe that death is just the end of life and has no meaning. However, we should not impose our own values and ideas about life and death on others because we cannot define what our lives and deaths are. Therefore, it is free for patients and their families to decide how the patient dies and whether they request the doctor to help assisted suicide or not.

Second, the families of the hopeless patients suffer from stress and anxiety. Some people want the patient to go on living even one second longer while others may feel the double or triple sufferings from the high medical costs, the hopeless caring, and the stress of the conflict of different opinions about the way of caring the patient in the family. As a result, the medical treatments for the hopeless patients have no future and only have tragedies.

All things considered, it is necessary to accept mercy killing if there is the apparent will of the patient or the family. It should be our own rights to decide the ending way of our own life. Moreover the hopeless extension of life makes only stresses and strains.


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