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The pictorial diary by miotwo in Japan, using digital camera "Nikon Coolpix 4200".


Cockroaches And Human Beings

Cockroach is one of the big and brown insects that live in a house of human beings, especially in dirty spot. Most people may dislike this insect because they are in dirty and look bad. Therefore, most people may think that human beings are quite different from cockroach. However, cockroaches and people have a lot of similarities.

Obviously, cockroaches and people have many big differences about the constructions of their body. First, the forms of them have big differences. For example, color, size, and the number of legs are apparent differences between cockroach and people. Second, the ways of movements of them have big differences. For example, people cannot fly and run fast like cockroach. Therefore, cockroaches and people have countless differences.

In spite of these differences, cockroach and people have a lot of similarities. Cockroach and people live in the same place. Especially, cockroach lives in the kitchen in the house. Moreover, cockroaches eat the same food that people eat. Cockroach lives next to us.

In addition to these similarities, cockroach and people have strong life force. Cockroaches are serious threat to people because cockroaches pollute the food of people and transmit the germ of infection. On the other hand, human beings are serous threat to cockroach because people kill cockroach easily by using the insecticide. Cockroaches are one of the biggest enemies of human beings; likewise, people are one of the strongest killers of cockroach. However, both cockroaches and people have survived because both of them have the strong vitality and abilities, which are adaptations to environment, development, and destruction of enemy. Therefore, cockroach and people have the same strong power to live.

All things considered, though there are a lot of differences between cockroaches and human beings, there are some similarities, especially in the way of life. Cockroach and people are so strong that they can survive in this hard world. If cockroaches have emotion like people, cockroach may hate people strongly as people hate them.


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